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ANI Callback system

ANI-based Callback Trigger Platform

ANI CallBack FAQ

Q: What is ANI Callback?

A: ANI is Automatic Number Identification. ANI Callback is a service offering in NextStag VoIP Platform which lets your customer use their regular phone to make cheaper phone calls using your service.

Q: Do i need to use any DID for this service ?

A: Yes, your need a DID to use this service. The service should support DTMF Input.

Q: How can my customer use this service. ?

A: Your customers will enlist their regular phone numbers in the self-care portal to enlist the numbers as "authorized" to make ANI calls. Once added, any call from those numbers to your specially procured DID will forward the call to NextStag server. NextStag Server hangs up the call, and calls back the number. Now, your customer can dial any destination offered by your service.

Q: Up to how many numbers can be "authorized" by a customer ?

A: Unlimited numbers can be added by your customers. However, if same number belongs to two accounts (for eg: members of a family), then second addition will fail.

Q: Is there any other way for our customers to add a number ?

A: Yes, they can call the DID from any number and add the new number from the IVR prompt to add the number.