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Email Callback system

Email-based Callback Trigger Platform

Email CallBack

Q: What do i need to use the Email-CallBack service ?

A: You need an email service with a provider offering POP3/IMAP delivery option. You will provision an email id to be used as service-email. Your customers will send specially formatted email request, which will be retrieved by NextStag Server in order to trigger the callback Service. NextStag technical team sees you through the process of integration and testing alongwith your Email provider.

Q: Do you support providers offering POP3/IMAP over SSL (eg: Gmail/Google Apps-based domain)?

A: Yes. However, you have to make appropriate changes in the backend before the service can be activated. Details are available at the time of implementation.

Q: What is the format of the Email to be sent by our customers ?

A: The subject of the mail contains the callback string (eg:"DESTINATION PIN").However, format can be changed/customized on-request as per service-specific requirements, viz. Pin-based and Pin-less operations.

Q: Why do you require PIN number in the email message ?

A: In an insecure cyber-world, it is easy for anyone to spoof a mail-originator address. Therefore, we add a factor of security. It can be disabled on demand. However, we recommend keeping the PIN to prevent abuse of the system.

Q: Can i offer other services like Balance-enquiry, etc on the same email-id for my customers ?

A: Yes, our team can implement any email-originated business process integrated with the VoIP System for you.