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Enterprise VoIP Billing

Run your own VoIP Billing on your dedicated Servers. Hosted option available also.

Enterprise VoIP Billing

What is the NextStag VoIP Billing?

NextStag Voip Billing is a fully featured VoIP Billing and Mediation and Termination System running on an NextStag SoftSwitch for Prepaid, Postpaid and regular phone Calling Card, PC2Phone, Callback and Callshop Services. It includes telephony service logic (IVR) platform, User Management, Reseller management, Web-Based Customer Provisioning, and AAA based service delivery. The system also includes a real-time rating engine with self contained Billing, Reporting and Statistics.

Can I get a customized web interface as per my requirements?

Yes you can a customized web interface as per your requirements. Please get in touch with your account manager at NextStag.

How many modules are there in NextStag VoIP Billing?

NextStag VoIP Billing has Admin, Customer, Reseller, Callshop, Callback modules.

What are the services provided in NextStag VoIP Billing?

NextStag VoIP Billing provides Phone2Phone, Pc2Pc, Pc2Phone, Callback Services.

Is NextStag VoIP Billing system scalable?

Yes.NextStag VoIP Billing is a very much robust and scalable system.

How many concurrent calls it can support?

Maximum concurrent calls depends on various infrastructural parameters like hardware, bandwidth, connectivity etc. More powerful is the hardware(Server) more the number of concurrent calls.

Can I configure DID's to NextStag VoIP Billing?

Yes.You can configure the DID's in NextStag VoIP Billing system. Additionally, you have option to configure separate DID for each customer.

Does it has LCR(Least Cost Routing) Support?

Yes, NextStag VoIP Billing has LCR support.It has LCR according to buy rate and sell rate as well as failover gateway support.

What are the System requirements for NextStag VoIP Billing?

NextStag VoIP Billing system requires a Linux server with the hardware according to the desired concurrent number of calls. Recommended Operating System: NextStag VoIP Billing can be installed on any Linux operating system but for best results we recommend fedora core and centos.

How many servers I need to install NextStag VoIP Billing?

NextStag VoIP Billing is very flexible according to the need of users.It can be installed on a single server as well as there is an option is to separate each component of the system on separate server for high scalability.

Does it has load balancing feature?

Yes, NextStag VoIP Billing has load balancing feature to distribute load on multiple servers to handle load evenly.

What is the procedure for the system setup?

NextStag VoIP Billing installation will be done by our engineers remotely on your servers by ssh. Make sure that you grant access to the installation team with root access with all required information ready for testing purposed and handover.

How much time will it take in installation?

The time of installation depends on the required features.If no customization required then usually it takes 2 days to one week to finish installation and testing

Will I get the manuals along NextStag VoIP Billing?

Yes, NextStag system has in-built help.

Will I be trained on NextStag VoIP Billing?

Yes, A remote online training session will be arranged for you after successful installation. Our engineers guide you through the system and its working.

Which Gateways are supported ?

Nextsatg Softswitch supports all gateways which can work with SIP, IAX and H323 protocol.

Can I check the live running calls?

Yes.You can see all concurrent live calls on the system NextStag VoIP Billing. Additionally there is a facility to hangup any live call from the active call display page.

How to add the rates?

You can add rate manually as well as there is option to upload bulk rates from xls or csv file.