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Enterprise VoIP IPPBX

Complete Enterprise communications needs for SOHO & Enterprises.

Enterprise VoIP IPPBX

Q: What is IP PBX?

A: An IP PBX takes the place of the PBX you may already have for your company's PSTN calls. Like its PSTN cousin, an IP PBX (for private branch exchange) is an electronic switchboard that receives, routes, holds, forwards to voice mail, or otherwise manipulates calls that arrive over the Internet, rather than via the PSTN. It may be fully automatic or have a human receptionist who routes incoming calls from a main IP phone number to internal IP numbers or extensions. Where a PSTN PBX can connect many incoming and internal phone lines through a set of mechanical or electronic switches, an IP PBX will be mechanically simpler, typically either software that resides on a server or a small, independent server that connects with your existing data network.

Q: What are the advantages of IP PBX?

A: An IP PBX provides more efficient switching and a more professional look than if everyone in a business has their own separate IP connection and account. It allows phone calls to be forwarded within the company, and for internal voice-mail and conferencing capabilities that might otherwise have to be outsourced. An IP PBX is also much more flexible than a PSTN PBX, allowing an essentially infinite number of extensions and voice-mail boxes, plus desktop management via a Web browser rather than at a set of PSTN switches. They can also enable the recording of incoming and outgoing conversations (subject to legal considerations).

Q: What is an Auto attendant?

A: Auto Attendant is seen as an automated receptionist. Its purpose is to offer the caller options for call redirection to a specific user, agent group, IVR, voicemail box etc. Normally they have options like "For sales press 1, For Accounts press 2 ... etc".

Q: What is a Hunt Group?

A: A hunt groups forks a call sequential and parallel in order to locate an extension that can pick up an incoming call. Operates through 3 stages with time specific ringing periods, final stage handles the movement of the call to any other account or voicemail.

Q: What is Out Bound Proxy on a Trunk?

A: An outbound proxy is the setting that tells the PBX where to communicate to for this call. This can be an IP Address or a domain name. Should the Outbound Proxy be set, it will restrict inbound calls coming in from the declared destination only, this can increase security of your PBX.

Q: Can I use my existing telephones if I install VoIP?

A: Yes and no. Some office phone models can be used on VoIP networks and other models can be converted for the new network.