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Enterprise VoIP Solutions

Solutions for your VoIP needs, as diverse from Business to Retail.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions

Q: What is VOIP? Do I need a fixed IP address (No NAT)?

A: VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. No - the service will support devices operating in DHCP mode or with fixed IP addresses.

Q: How does VoIP work?

A: A VoIP gateway converts the analog voice data into digital data packets which are sent over a broadband Internet connection to a VoIP server that forwards the message to the receiving party.

Q: :I'm in business and would like to replace my corporation's current PBX system with VoIP. Is this possible?

A: Yes, many companies are doing just this. VoIP is a very cost-effective method for companies who want to upgrade their old PBX systems and VoIP allows for new features that traditional PBX systems simply do not. Also VoIP web conferencing has come of age and also offers cost savings and many new features not available with traditional web conferencing methods.

Q: When can I replace my cell phone with a VoIP phone?

A: Most likely in the next couple of years. Right now cell phone service providers are developing cell phones that can roam for Wifi VoIP or traditional networks in order to give you the greatest savings dependent upon location. Wifi hotspots, however, do not currently cover as much area as cellular does, so it will take providers some time to work this issue out.

Q: What should a buyer look for when considering a VoIP Gateway?

A: There are a number of critical capabilities that buyers should demand of any VoIP Gateway. These basic capabilities include: easy deployment and integration with existing PBX and IP infrastructure; flexible call routing; true H.323 and SIP survivability; PSTN failover; efficient multiplexing; efficient NAT traversal; and analog device support

Q: What are VoIPís Conferencing capabilities?

A: VoIP conferencing allows for the creation of virtual meeting spaces. It often integrates voice and web conferencing that merges voice with content such as presentations and other communication modalities such as instant messaging. Advanced features in this area include the ability to transcribe speech into text and the ability to search conference archives for keywords and specific topics.