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IAX Softphone

Windows softphone running supporting IAX.

IAX SoftPhone

What is NextStag IAX Softphone?

NextStag IAX Softphone is designed on industry standard IAX protocol to make it compatible to almost all providers supporting IAX trunking.

What are benefits of IAX over SIP?

Unlike SIP, IAX2 can easily bypass firewall and NAT. It also supports trunking, which enables mergining of multiple calls into a single stream of packets between two endpoints, reducing the IP overhead.

I want the Softphone to call a page of my portal when the user clicks on X button. Can It be done ?

Yes, we enable softphone integration with CRM and contact-center applications. Please contact for customizations.

What is difference between skin and logo?

Skin is the layout of the softphone program, which defines the placing of buttons and other visual components. Logo is your company logo which is attached on the softphone. When you place order of customization, you need to mention clearly change required in skin as well as logo.