Mobile SIP Dialers for Android & Iphone. Includes Access-number Dialling, Callback support, Online refill and much more.. Order Now

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Mobile SIP Dialer

Mobile SIP Softphone

Mobile SoftPhone for Android and iPhone

Mobile SIP SoftPhone

What is NextStag softphone?

NextStag Softphone is designed on industry standard SIP protocol to make it compatible to almost all service provider. it supports a range of codecs, g711, g723, g729, iLBC, and GSM. STUN and NAT support make it working even under firewall. With G729 codec it gives crystal clear voice even with DialUp connection. It is used to make Pc2Pc and Pc2Phone calls.

Can I get customized skin as per my requirements?

Yes you can select one of our skins or send us your skin as you want and your company's logo. We will configure that to the softphone.

What are the compatible versions of OS to run Mobile Softphone?

NextStag Mobile Softphone is compatible with Android and iPhone

What are the supported codecs?

NextStag Mobile softphone supports G711 .aLaw, G711 .uLaw, GSM, iLBC And G729 codecs.

Which protocol is supported by NextStag Mobile Softphone?

NextStag Mobile Softphone supports SIP protocol.

Can I get additional customized features?

Yes you can get the additional required features.

Can you please change the User-agent String for me ?

We generally don't change the User agent String. For special requirements, contact

(TECHNICAL) What SIP methods does your softphone supports ?

Our softphone supports following Methods:

  • INFO,
  • BYE,
  • ACK,
  • REFER,
(TECHNICAL) What SIP RFC does the softphone adheres?

NextStag Softphone conforms to most of the industry standard RFC's. Prominent among them are following:

  • RFC 3665, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Basic Call Flow
  • RFC 2833, RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals
  • RFC 2327, SDP: Session Description Protocol
  • RFC 3264, Offer/Answer Model with Session Description Protocol (SDP)
  • RFC 3550, RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications
  • RFC 3263, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Locating SIP Servers
  • RFC 3891, The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Replaces Header
  • RFC 3261, SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
  • RFC 3515, The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Refer Method
  • RFC 3420, Internet Media Type message/sipfrag
  • RFC 3892, The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Referred-By Mechanism
  • RFC 3265, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-Specific Event Notification
  • RFC 3666, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Public Switched Telephone
  • RFC 3489, STUN - Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs)
What DTMF mode does NextStag Softphone support ?

NextStag SoftPhone supports both RFC2833 and SIP INFO method.

What Authentication mode does NextStag Softphone support ?

NextStag SoftPhone supports both HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication.

How Can I have a customer's balance displayed on the softphone on call end or startup ?

Essentially, you will need to implement or get implemented a WebService on your VoIP service portal which returns balance in XML format or softphone compliant format. Additionally, NextStag team assists you in setting up the deployment in such cases, should you lack one. For more, mail to

What is difference between skin and logo?

Skin is the layout of the softphone program, which defines the placing of buttons and other visual components. Logo is your company logo which is attached on the softphone. When you place order of customization, you need to mention clearly change required in skin as well as logo.