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Latest happenings & events at NextStag

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  • Mobile Marketing with with Android Swift SMS2Web

    Posted at 20 Feb 2012

    Mobile VAS has come a long way in India proving to be an indispensable channel to maintain competitive ARPU among mobile operators. The emergence of multiple media as well as increasing awareness in the general consumer has ensured that value added Services have become a part of life for many people. VAS has an additional benefit for marketers alike, to increase their outreach capability to segments which was hard to reach...     Full News >>

    Categories : Business
  • NextStag Launches HelpDesk Portal

    Posted at 10 Jan 2011

    NextStag has announced the availability of NextStag Helpdesk for its customers to enable them to track their submitted requests. The new helpdesk system is one more channel by NextStag to let.
    NextStag Help-desk enable customers to use multiple conventional medium like Email or a dedicated portal to submit a request. The portal also enables them to view a ticket's history and the resolution status...     Full News >>

    Categories : Business
  • NextStag Launches Scalable Voice Infrastructure

    Posted at 08 December 2010

    NextStag has integrated and redesigned its Voice Platforms with a view to support scalability amidst a growing business traffic. The strategic decision was taken after a regular feedback campaign from existing patrons of the company. The product development and deployment team underwent a rigorous process to re-design the platform with a view to have scalability needs from day one...     Full News >>

    Categories : Business