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SMS Callback system

Inbound SMS-based Callback Trigger Platform

SMS CallBack

Q: Do i need to use any hardware in order to use the SMS Callback Module of NextStag VoIP Suite ?

A: You can tie up with any Inbound SMS Provider (MO) in your country of operation. You are provided a number on which your customers will send specially formatted SMS request, which will be forwarded to NextStag Server in order to trigger the callback Service. NextStag technical team sees you through the process of integration and testing along-with your Inbound number provider.

Q: There is no Inbound SMS provider in my country? What should i do ?

A: You can use a GSM Modem equipped with a valid SIM card to accept SMS request. NextStag team will work with you to enable integration with the system and testing.

Q: What is the format of the SMS to be sent by our customers ?

A: The format can be changed/customized on-request as per service-specific requirements, viz. Pin-based and Pin-less operations.

Q: Can i offer other services like Balance-enquiry, etc on the same Number for my customers ?

A: Yes, our team can implement any mobile-originated business process integrated with the VoIP System for you.