Mobile SIP Dialers for Android & Iphone. Includes Access-number Dialling, Callback support, Online refill and much more.. Order Now

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VoIP CallShop

Callshop platform with unlimited booths and Cost-and-Time Display

VoIP CallShop

How do I get started ?

In order to use / test the CallShop product, follow the steps:

  • Login to Callshop web panel
  • Create a new booth
  • Go through Device Configuration to configure the devices with callshop
  • Follow User Manual to run and make a call using CallShop application
Can I evaluate the software before making a purchase decision ?

Yes, we provide fully functional guided demo for free. Please mail to sales for demo request.

Which devices are supported by callshop billing?

We support All SIP enabled Devices like SIP / VOIP Soft phones - software based SIP phone USB VOIP phones Hardware SIP Phone Use analog phone via an ATA adapter like linksys