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Web CallBack system

Web-based Callback Trigger Platform

Web CallBack System

What is Web Callback?

Web Callback is a service offering in NextStag VoIP Platform which lets your customer use their regular phone to make cheaper phone calls using your service.

Do i need to use any Hardware for this service ?

No, you need only an active internet connection to initiate web callback.

How can my customer use this service. ?

To use Web Callback service, customer need to login to thier self care portal, in web callback page, customer need to enter source and destination number. After hitting call button, NextStag callback will initiate call to source and destination number.

Up to how many numbers can be "authorized" by a customer ?

Unlimited numbers can be added by your customers. However, if same number belongs to two accounts (for eg: members of a family), then second addition will fail.

Where this service can be used ?

Web callback can be used anywhere in the world, it needs only active internet connection. Web callback is very useful where VoIP is blocked or internet connection is slow.